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Cassandra Sunde is a mixed media artist who has spent most of her adult years traveling and living throughout the U.S., exploring various media, including metal welding, instrument making, sculptures, and sacred geometry. She is Anishinaabe, Scandinavian, and European American; a first generation descendant of the Fond Du Lac Band of the Lake Superior Chippewa, a descendant of Norse explorers and child to many generations of land-tenders.

After living in the mountains, the desert, the rainforest and a volcanic crater, she now spends her time between her home in Northern Wisconsin and traveling where her whims and spirit take her. She makes time for the woods and water, where she tends, forages, and harvests plants for food, medicine, and art. There she draws inspiration from elements of nature and physics to create field-generating sculptures and jewelry. Her art incorporates minerals, gemstones, highly conductive metals, natural materials, and resin, which, when combined together, create artwork that has it's own field and frequency to harmonize your home. 

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